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ashfaq sharif June 22, 2011
No electricity bills from KESC in Jun 2011 for Karachi CONSUMERS
I want to share my voice with the high level management of KESC what reasons current bill of KESC Jun 2011 not issued and circulate among consumers but claiming that UNION MISCREANTS blocking distribution of bills and attacking the utility bill distribution. KESC so innocent CAN’T solve the crisis but only ignoring and hiding by making lame excuses. God knows when KESC become matured and realized what is its responsibility against consumer’s and what they are providing?.

If KESC not able to first distribute the bills to consumer in timely than have right when a consumer’s could not pay the bills suffer pay the SURCHARGE. But in this case consumer’s have no fault than what reasons KESC punishing and eager to charge surcharge when a consumer failed to pay bills which is totally INJUSTICE and torture to consumers.

Those who responsible and doing all things in which common consumers suffer than why our Government still keep silence and don’t take any action against those who are disturb and root causes for conducting load shedding and when complain reach to them than simply make a lame excuse.

I strong condemn this type of activity and demand from KESC CEO and Governor of Sind that if any consumer doesn’t pay his KESC Jun 2011 bill on account of not received from KESC. More interesting to share I have information that many consumers visit the KESC Garden office and request for issuing DUPLICATE bill but the concern officer or staff replied NO bill will be issued for Jun 2011? Such type of replies do not suit when a person working in an organization.

It means those who are working in KESC all are not ordinary person but they are not less than MINISTER or NAWAB. Due to 4, 500 staff sacked entire KESC function suffer but more surprise and painful Government still silence and do not take any legal action those who are doing all such evil?

KESC management this is too much and when you end your torture and in-justice with common consumers? All your injustice which any persons from KESC did but still not get example punishment that is why they got courage and doing all ill-legal affairs free of any questioned asked or face punishment.

Before too late take a steps and clean all BLACK SHEEP who are responsible for LOAD SHEDDING and not delivery of Jun 2011 KESC. Why consumer suffers. We are not animal but human beings understand this very well?

In last pray to God to destroy all elements those who are doing such things perhaps our Government have no courage or time to award punishment but remember no one can skip from God eyes and punishment even the CEO level to Messenger.

I am still surprise for what reasons our business community trade bodies and organization such as KCCI ( Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry ) FPCCI ( Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry ) do not raise voice and registered complain with the higher authority if KESC delay to send bills for Jun 2011 than who gave right to charge SURCHAGE from the consumer. This is black law and all consumer’s collectively condemn and regret so the higher authority get some pressure and instruct KESC do not charge SURCHAGE for Jun 2011 this is KESC fault but why consumers suffers?

No check and keep LION’S eyes what KESC staff doing when a complain reach to them. When they wish to attend the complain than solved otherwise simply make a lame excuse no van available or fear that attacked our van by UNION MISCREANTS when attending complain.

Simply tell that all staff those who are working in KESC get May and Jun 2011 salaries than what problem to issued electricity bill accordingly to meter reading and not send bills accordingly to average consumption. If you have right to get own salaries than must fulfils the duties and responsibilities otherwise you all people are answerable and questioned able not to your Head but God. If you have power and courage to skip from God punishment than exercise this also.

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )


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