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WillRifareal June 15, 2011
Technical Services
I have been a Globe DSL subscriber for about 3 years and have been a regular caller to their customer hotline. The net connection I have works for awhile then goes haywire again especially when it rains. Now that the rainy season is here, I am sure that this net connection will be down most of the time. I want to talk to a supervisor or someone other than the customer service people who ask the same questions and answers in the same manner (I call them robots) but they will not give any forwarding number or email address.
I am in a business myself and when some equipment goes down most of the time then there is a need to look into the matter seriously and repair the problem. I dont know why they want band-aid kind of repair.
Globe should look into the matter of maintenance for their subscribers. Also I am tired of talking to "robots", I hope they place real people who can go into a discussion or explain why a problem exists.
Ma. Teresita S. Capistrano May 15, 2011
non credit of share a load
I have been a globe mobile phone use for several years and the service of globe has deteriorated.
The ff. are my complaints:
1. Poor accounting services - quick to bill a service not used ...postpaid celfon no - 09178817887 . I have been billed twice for Super Duo. After a complaint, the first one was removed and an assurance that the second billing was going to be corrected. Received the billing with that same amt, I upgraded my mobile phone last March 2011 and cut off that line and still get that biling. Please do something regarding this matter.

2. Yesterday, I tried to share a load with my postpaid to prepaid no 09276280665 three times. I received a txt message that it was successfully tranfereed but it was not. The ff. are the transaction ID: 50379364.transaction no 503816242, transaction ID 504163520.
I would appreciate that the unsuccessful transfer not be added to my bill.

Ma. Teresita S. Capistrano for Ma. Cristina s. Capistrano

Yentl April 20, 2011
8888 Superunli25 and Unlitxt20
I go for SUPERUNLI25 but last April 18, I registered unlitxt20 because it's so hard to reg the former and the following day same time, it expired. I received a text notice from 8888 that my unlitxt20 had expired. I then tried to register SUPERULI25 and this is what I always get from 8888 and it's April 20 already;
"Sorry, ikaw ay naka-subscribe sa isang service na hindi pwedeng gamitin kasabay ng Globe SUPER-UNLI. Hintayin na mag-expire ito so you can register to SUPER-UNLI."
I checked my balance, texted someone, checked my balance again and my load was deducted so how can 8888 say I"m still registered to UNLITXT20?
Is this Globe's one way of lessening SUPERUNLI25 users? Will I be able to register SUPERUNLI25 again?
Globe Subscriber April 8, 2011
Promos of Globe Telecom
FAILURE of said telecommunication company to deliver to me, the promo DTI

When I checked my balance at 6:04pm, March 25 it was P66.00. I registered with
the abovementioned promo and received the confirmation at 10:09pm March 25.
After said registration, I made my first call at around 8:30am to 09174253674
which call was disconnected after several minutes. I tried to reconnect several
times but failed to do so. Instead, every time I redialed, I heard a recording
saying that I do not have enough load to make a call or so to that effect. Upon
hearing the same, I checked my balance only to find out that instead of having
P41.00 to my credit (which should be the balance left after deducting the P25.00
I spent for the promo), I had only P2.00 left. Meaning my P41 load was consumed
by the call I made to a Globe subscriber, 09174253674, even while my SUPER-UNLI
subscription was still active.

Using my cp with P2.00 load, I was able to call 211 to register my complaint, my
reference number being DCM 11030004460 which I was instructed to give every time
I call to follow-up. I was told to wait for 3-5 days before any action can be
taken regarding the matter. I called 211 one more time that day to clarify some
matters which I forgot in my initial call.
Hearing nothing from GLOBE, I called again 211 on March 31 to follow-up and was
told to wait for one more day or up to April 1. I inquired if I have to call
again the next day. I was replied there was no need to call; they will send me
an advisory/notice thru my cp. I received nothing from GLOBE so I called again
211 on April 2. Still no action has been taken on my complaint and was told that
my case will be referred to the concern group.

After 7 days, my case was still for referral even after I repeatedly told
GLOBE’s representatives the difficulty I am going thru. They have not exhausted
all means to address my grievance.
What was worst was when I tried to use my cp with P2 balance to call 211 today,
again to follow-up, I can no longer use it even after successfully using the
same cp to call 211 four times in the past. A recording kept on saying “Sorry
you do not have enough prepaid credit left in your account to make a call. x x
x”. A call to 211 is now charged? Again, another
I believed my cp was blocked to prevent me from further calling GLOBE TELECOM.
It was not the first time this happened to me. Prior to this incident, my P237
load was consumed in the same manner as this case so I cannot let this incident
pass without seeing to it that GLOBE TELECOM rectify its errors to me and the
rest of the subscribers who suffered the same misfortune.
Dissatisfied GuyX March 12, 2011
Globe Telecom is a lying thief... They launch offers to their prepaid subscribers but you can only avail of it on the first try and after that when you try to register again, they'll just keep rejecting your registration attempt. They will keep sending you msgs saying that they cannot process your registration... Instead they will ask you to avail of their other cheap promos... its just their way of promoting their lesser used promos and will just keep you topping up your mobile phone for more credits... It's just plain stupid... They're just scamming people to subscribe to them...

When I called their customer support, they will give you different information on why you can't register to the promo you want to avail of... I don't know why I started to use their service to begin with, I'll just switch back to my previous subscriber... Good Riddance...!
Benny Yap December 31, 2010
Services of Globe Telecom
Recently I am not very happy or satisfied with Globe Telecom, My Name is Benny Yap, Globe Platinum Plan.
My Phone number is 09175032933, I have make a request to change my Freebies from Roamimg inclusive to
Unlimited Surfing on Dec 13, 2010 and the staff who took my call told me it will be ready by Dec 14, 2010.
After one week I just followup with Globe again regarding this changes but i found out it was still not change yet.
The Globe staff again told me they will make the changes asap and gave me a REF#SLP10120001694 to follow up
again. So I follow up again after 10 days and found out that it was still not change yet.
I really do not know how long do Globe need to just make a change like this one and everytime when we call they give
excuses or tell you they do the changes asap. I believe if I am under the category as Platinum Plan we should have
some priority on our request.
I really do not know if it was already change now but I have inform the Globe staff that all charges for the surfing effective
from Dec 14, 2010 I will not make any payment for it because it was not my fault, it is their fault who fail the promises.
Ewizardofoz December 22, 2010
zero customer service at Emall
I am a foreigner with ample income and I have provided all requested documents for a phone plan and in a week this company has messed me around continually - no return calls as promised, lost documents, disinterested in my application, rude and generally telling me that they have the customers they need and they don't need me. SMART should be pleased - the best advertising they have going is Globe themselves - incompetent, poorly trained staff anf zero customer service!!! GO ELSEWHERE!
Chilipadi May 10, 2010
Customer Service
Too many experiences to tell about this company's customer service.

Before you get any wrong ideas, no, I am not an employee of a rival company. I am just an ordinary consumer, hoping to receive the services I demand for.

1) Rude customer service person at the Ayala Triangle branch.

This was a long time ago when I requested to have my mobile phone line on International Roaming. Let's just say she was having a bad day. Too bad for her, my day was worse than hers. So I quickly made a phone call to their hotline, name-dropped a bit, and lo and behold, they put me on perpetual roaming AFTER my complaint.

2) After making three (3) attempts at applying for an internet connection through their hotline, I still have no word as to when they will install it.

I've given up. So tomorrow, I'll just call up the rival company, PLDT. Hopefully, these guys offer better services (fingers crossed).

3) There is absolutely no provision in their billing statement for a change in address.

Come on, Globe. You are an Ayala company --- you can do better than that! Show some brains, please.

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