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Chilipadi May 20, 2010
Incompetent Staff, Unfair Policies at Service Center
Part two of my ordeal.

I call up the service center again after technician Roland inspects the fridge for five minutes (because according to him, it is the customer's responsibility to follow up the service center for pull-out of an appliance). How convenient.

The receptionist at the service center stated that pull-out would happen the next day -- Friday, May 7. Thinking that these guys would live up to their promise, I waited for them on Friday, May 7. No word from them -- until I call them up AGAIN and after being put on hold (not to mention getting tortured by their horrible jingle), I get to speak to the receptionist and ask why no one has pulled out our fridge yet. According to her, their van wasn't allowed to enter the village premises. Lame excuse. I was furious AGAIN. I told her that they could have called me at my mobile number. I didn't buy her explanation. So I asked the guards at our gate if there indeed was an American Home van that wanted to enter our village that day. They said there was none. Who do you think was telling the truth? Obviously NOT these idiots in that service center. Liars.

Flash-forward May 11, Tuesday. Their van finally shows up to pick up the fridge. The day after, another technician, Chris, calls me on my mobile and asks if I have the receipt and/or warranty. He explains that having either of these can slash off the price on repairs.

I found our warranty card the next day, so I call up the service center (yes, enduring that dreaded jingle AGAIN) and tell them that we have a warranty card. The person on the other end of the line asks if I have the receipt. I said that I don't have it because this freakin' fridge was just a prize from a raffle (given a choice, I wouldn't buy an American Home appliance. puh-lease, I deserve better). The person replies, saying that I need a receipt in order to avail of the discount. Apparently, the warranty card doesn't serve any purpose. First time I hear this policy!

It doesn't end there.

Just this morning, I get another call from one of those baboons who asked me as to what time their van could deliver the fridge. I reply "After lunch." I get home in time for lunch and find out that their van was actually at our home before lunch. The driver of the van told our housekeeper that they'd be back this afternoon.

They didn't come back this afternoon (yup, you guessed it right).

To my experience, this service center has the most inept staff I've ever dealt with in my life. It also has the most unfair policies for its customers.

To think that you need to pay 600 freakin' pesos for a copy of their service invoice! (Unless of course their technician, Roland, was just asking for money -- which is even worse.)

To think that having a warranty card won't get you a freakin' discount on repairs. Useless. Just like the people in this God-forsaken service center.

I sincerely hope this reaches American Home executives in the States. My guess is some local Filipino is managing this shop. Whoever he/she is, I hope he/she wakes up and smells the damaged compressor.

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